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fast auto payday loans

What Are fast auto payday loans?

A payday loan is a small loan given to people who are dealing with unexpected expenses. This loan was designed to give people who cannot get traditional loans options.

What Are fast auto payday loans?

There are several features which distinguish payday loans from regular loans. Some of these are discussed below.

1. fast auto payday loans Are Processed Very Quickly

Regular loans from banks and finance companies can take weeks to process and be paid out. In contrast, a payday loan can be paid out within a few hours. The time line of a payday loan is as follows:

- The borrower goes to the loan website, clicks apply and fills in an online application form (3-5 minutes).

- The loan is approved or declined (instant).

- The borrower is asked to provide proof of their age, address and income. This is where things can get lengthy - the longer the borrower takes to provide these documents, the longer the loan will take to process. That being said, if the borrower is quick, the loan can be processed very quickly. The shortest time frame a person can get their loan approved and paid out is within an hour.

- The borrower pays back the loan on their next payday. Most lenders expect the loan to be paid off within 30 days.

2. Payday Loans Have a Very Lenient Lending Criteria

When bank workers approve a loan they have to assess factors such as income, stability, credit, loan purpose and the overall reliability of the loan applicant. Payday lenders accept almost every application.

The only time they decline loans is when the borrower is unemployed, under the age of 18 or currently bankrupt. In the case of minors and bankrupt people, the lenders cannot legally loan money to them.

It is worth noting that payday lenders do not perform credit checks. This makes them a great option for borrowers with bad credit.

3. fast auto payday loans Money Can be Used for Anything

If a person asks a bank for a loan to pay off a bill, buy groceries or pay for car repairs, the bank would ask questions. They will wonder "why does this person not have enough money to pay off small unexpected expenses".

In most cases, the lender will flatly decline the loan application. Payday loan lenders do not worry about these types of problems. They do not care how borrowers are spending their money as long as it gets paid back.

There is one downside to payday loans and that it high interest rates and fees. The reason that payday loans are more expensive than bank loans is because lenders are taking on a high risk when they lend money.

If the borrower does not make repayments on their loan, the lender will have recovered some of it through interest. This reduces their overall risk. The majority of borrowers do not mind paying higher rates due to the flexibility of the loan.

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